Goodbye Dieter!

Today, we have to say goodbye to one of our longest-staying employees, as Dieter Mehrholz retired after 42 years at Feldhaus and therefore leaving our “40-Club” with “just” 8 active employees remaining. Dieter started his Feldhaus-Career in 1978 (s. the picture on the bottom right). In his 42 years, Dieter was known for his conscientious work, open mind and willingness to think out loud, which led to a huge benefit for our company.

Therefore, the whole Feldhaus-Team want to say thank you to you Dieter. We wish you all the best for the future & hope that you stay as active & healthy as you are!

On the picture from the left:

  • Dominik Kompalik (Head of Production)
  • Dieter Mehrholz
  • Christoph Jüttner (CFO)


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