1901 Founded by Benedictus Klemens Mersch
1901 – 1950 Active as a blacksmith and metal workshop
1948 – 1949 Clemens Mersch, son of Benedictus Klemens Mersch works in locksmith’s trade, steel construction and shop windows
1949 Heinz Feldhaus, nephew of Clemens Mersch joins the company as trainee
1953 – 1955 Journeyman Heinz Feldhaus gets first contacts to Aluminiumconstruction in Switzerland, in 1955 he returns to Emsdetten
1958 Start of aluminium processing, Heinz Feldhaus gets awarded his Masters Degree
1960 First large projects with complete aluminium window construction
1966 Heinz Feldhaus is appointed Managing Director of the company
1966 Extension of business to construction of facades
1978 Name change to F E L D H A U S Fenster + Fassaden
1978 Dipl. Ing. Manfred Feldhaus joins the company as project manager
1979 Relocation of manufacturing premises to Grevener Damm in Emsdetten
1980 First large projects abroad
1982 Introduction of CAD design workplaces
1983 Manfred Feldhaus is appointed Managing Director of the company
1984 Start of industrial production of windows and facades using profile and sheet processing flow line
1993 Complete reorganisation of production processes
1996 Environmental protection agreement with A/U/F
2001 Extension and renovation of all workshops and offices, the FUTURE FOCUS is build, new office block for administration and design
2001 100 year anniversary is celebrated with 850 guests on 2001-06-22
2006 Heinz Feldhaus retires, Christoph Juettner and Klaus von Rekowski are appointed to the board of directors. Manfred Feldhaus remains Managing Director
2013 Heinz Feldhaus passed away 15th September 2013
2016-01-01 Justus and Jannik Feldhaus join the company as shareholders
2016-07-01 Manfred Feldhaus hand’s off all operative duties, Stefan Sandmann is appointed as CFO to the board of directors