255 Years of Feldhaus!

On Friday, the 22nd of March, we honored some of our employees for their long-term employment with our company. “All 12 employees combine for 255 years of Feldhaus, a tremendous example for the strong bond we want to create with you. I want to thank all of you for your commitment and passion you live within our company.“, owner Manfred Feldhaus said at the event. The group had dinner at the restaurant Kloppenborg afterwards.


On the picture from the left:

  • Christoph Jüttner (CFO)
  • Marcel Sandfort (10 Years)
  • Heinz Teigeler (40 Years)
  • Jörg Dudenhausen (25 Years)
  • Benjamin Prange (10 Years)
  • Dominik Kompalik (10 Years)
  • Manfred Welpelo (40 Years)
  • Manuel Beyer (10 Years)
  • Steven Dean O’Sullivan (10 Years)
  • Jörg Biallaß (25 Years)
  • Carsten Ausmann (Employee Representative)
  • Nina Göcke (10 Years)
  • Manfred Feldhaus (Partner)


Missing are Dieter Mehrholz (40 Years) & Rainer Schüller (25 Years).

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